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At-home testing

We have several at-home COVID test kits available in the Camden front office. Students and families may pick one up between 8am and 3pm on days school is in session.
Students and families do need to register with the Primary Health website at this link. You only need to register one time for the school year. Once you are set up, you should submit your COVID test results to this website each time you take a test.

On-campus testing

Adult students can consent to COVID-19 testing on campus unless they are legally conserved. If your student has a conservatorship, please provide your consent through this link. We will not administer COVID-19 tests to conserved students -- even if they ask to be tested -- without this consent.

If your student tests positive...

  • Please keep them home.
  • Notify us immediately at (408) 371-0960 ext 2900 or by email.
  • Be sure to tell us the date of your positive test and, if your student has symptoms, what day those symptoms started.
  • We will contact you to provide follow-up guidance re: isolation and your student's return to school.

If your student is returning to school after a case of COVID...

You need to submit their negative test results using this link.