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CUHSD Transportation
CUHSD Transportation Department - 408-558-3092
Loading and Unloading procedures for CUHSD/CCC Special Education Students 
1. ALL students must be at their school bus stop 5 minutes BEFORE their scheduled pick up time.
2. Parents MUST call the Transportation Office at 408-558-3092, if no transportation is needed. Voicemail will record messages 24 hours a day. Students who miss (3) consecutive days with no call or no show may be removed from the route.
3. The bus will not stop, unless the student is waiting at the school bus stop.
4. The driver is not allowed to use a cell phone to call or text while in route. Please call the Transportation Office to leave a message for your bus driver.
5. The driver cannot use the bus horn to let you know that they have arrived.
6. The driver will only wait a maximum of 3 minutes AFTER the scheduled pick up time, before leaving to the next stop.
1. Please expect your child to be home ANYTIME after the schools dismissal bell.
2. The Transportation Department MUST be informed if your child has a specific protocol for the afternoon arrival. (i.e. Can your child enter the home alone? Do they have a key? Can they get off the bus unassisted?)
3. Please call the Transportation Office at 408-558-3092, if no transportation is needed in the afternoon. Voicemail will record messages 24 hours a day.
4. If your child has an appointment or special activity and needs to be home before their regular drop off time, then please arrange for alternative transportation.
Teachers will take attendance no later than 9:00am every day.
Students or families should notify the front office if they know they will be absent or arrive after 9am or if they need to leave before the end of the day.
You can reach the Front Office by emailing Ms. Dea, our Office Clerk, or by calling (408) 371-0960 extension 2900.
All students who leave school early must sign out at the front office before leaving campus. If legally conserved or under age 18, a parent or guardian must sign them out. 
Families will receive an automated message if their student is absent or tardy without notice. The Camden Office may also contact students with chronic absences or tardies to develop a plan for improving attendance. District transportation is available - four out of five Camden students ride our buses! Contact our office (Ms. Dea above) if you would like to arrange for your student to be transported from your home to school and back.