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VTA (public transportation)

The Valley Transit Authority (VTA) offers several levels of support for residents with disabilities in Santa Clara County. { $30 for a monthly pass instead of $90. } The type and severity of disability determines what kind of support you can receive in order to be able to ride public buses and light rail. 
ALL of our students are eligible for a Regional Transit Card (RTC). This certifies that they are entitled to a discounted fare every time they ride. 
NOTE: You will need to bring the application in person to one of VTA's offices in San Jose:
55-A West Santa Clara Street, San Jose -or- 3331 N. 1st Street, Bldg. B
If you have a handicapped placard from the DMV, a Medicare card, or another transit card from a different agency (e.g. CalTrans or BART), use the Basic application below.  Otherwise, use the Medical application. Your doctor will need to complete part of this application.

VTA  ACCESS   Paratransit

Some students may also be eligible for a para-transit ride-sharing service called VTA Access. You can learn more about the program at the VTA website here. Applications - which are called "Data Cards" on the website - are available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese. You can download the application below.