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Once a student turns 18 and exits the K-12 public education system (i.e. once they leave high school), the student is considered a legal adult who is responsible for all their own decisions. Parents or guardians no longer receive communications or sign off on IEPs or any other legal documents. 

Conservatorship is a legal alternative whereby a judge can appoint someone else to be responsible for the decisions of an adult student. This conservator retains the same rights as a parent/guardian has for a minor. The process is handled by the courts; click the link above to find out more. 

This link has resources and documents that cover the rights of adults with disabilities, especially with regards to conservatorships.

SARC is a great place to start for families with students about to turn age 22. They can connect you to a wide variety of resources to help your adult student continue to build independence and receive support after exiting our Post-Secondary program.

The non-profit group Parents Helping Parents offers this collection of resources - including videos and webinars - designed to help teens and young adults with disabilities transition into independent living. Resources are available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese, and sorted into the following categories:

·       Transition Planning: Teens and Tweens

·       Self-Advocacy

·       Education and Training

·       Work Preparation

·       Adult Life

PHP recently published their Spring 2023 Program Guide for this program. We hope it's helpful!


The Social Security Administration can provide financial support for adults with disabilities. Click the link above to learn more about the program and how to apply. Website and materials published in English and Spanish.